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How to Order at Restaurants Infographic

Successfully sticking to your nutrition plan means preparing the majority of your meals at home. However, sooner or later you will find yourself eating out.

Sour Cream & Onion Omelette

Sour cream and onion is my favorite flavor combo. But when I started learning more about the food I was eating, I discovered that my beloved sour cream and onion chips were not doing me any favors.

The Best Macro Friendly “Buffalo Chicken”

In a quest to make chicken breast more exciting, I stumbled across this easy mustard + sriracha marinade that has 0 macros, tastes exactly like Buffalo chicken, makes the chicken tender and is amazingly versatile.

No-Bake Banana Blueberry Bars

If you live for a good protein bar or just appreciate the ease of grab-and-go foods (who doesn’t, right?) — then these are for you. They’ll satisfy any sweet tooth with their toffee, peanut butter and banana flavor, and the macros and ingredients list are better than most bars that you’ll buy in stores.

The Secrets to Cooking Lean Meat

Lean meat is awesome because it’s high in protein with a low fat content, making it an essential staple in any meat-eaters diet. Its strength may also be its downfall: lean meat is easy to overcook and under-season. This results in a bland, dry meal, and leaves us dreaming of a big juicy steak.
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