Getting Started with WAG

Beach Body Guide

As summer approaches, the number of magazine covers touting ‘The fastest way to look good in a bathing suit!’ is growing at an exponential rate. We wanted to launch our own take on being beach ready that is informative, while empowering you to let your confidence shine through. This guide is about embracing your body and, while it’s okay to want to get in shape, we think you are beautiful just the way you are — and we want you to think that way, too.

Holiday Survival Guide

This holiday season we encourage you to think outside the typical diet box and explore how you can have your pumpkin pie and lose weight too! After working with thousands of members looking to truly find balance with their nutrition, we wanted to share our tried and true strategies to keep you on track during the holidays.

7 Day Environmental Overhaul

This look at your environment inside and outside the home will help you learn how the smallest tweaks to your current habits, can have the biggest impact on your results. Sign up for free and get seven days of tips right to your inbox.

21 Day Challenge

This challenge is designed to jump start you into flexible dieting and the lifestyle habits Team WAG members embody. It’s a great way to get your feet wet and start working towards your goals, before fully jumping into the program!

WAG Alumni Program

Between starting and finishing WAG, you learn an incredible amount about yourself, your nutrition and how to tackle your goals. As time passes, and the learning changes into understanding, relying less and less on their coaches and more on their own newfound skills. So, that’s why we’ve created WAG Alumni.